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Belle Tips: Planner Lifestyle Hacks

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Hey Belle Hey-

Can you believe it’s October..OMG where is the time going…the days are shorter and pretty soon we will gain a whole hour (more sleep please)


During the month of October I really try to maximize my time and it doesn’t hurt that I believe in being a planner of all the things!! Watch the video below for some tips to get started in the planning world- KEEP READING FOR OUR PLANNER GIVEAWAY BELOW!!

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Hey Belle Hey!

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I'm so happy to know that you have found our Sparkle Space. I'm Holly, an Academic Advsior by day and Owner of the company Posh Party Palace & our girls mentoring organization, Posh GLAMOUR Academy and now the lifestyle blog & boutique Posh, Glam, & Pristine.

I started my companies in my twenties just after graduate school when I was a dedicated Dance and Elementary Education Teacher-When I sparkled forward to my 30s, I realized I needed a company and space that represented me: a Girly Girl, Employee, Business Owner, Daughter, Wife, and Stepmom, Party Planner, and DIYer-  So with all of my many tiaras laid out before me Posh Glam & Pristine was born.

This blog and shop is dedicated to women everywhere that spread sparkles in multiple ways but it's also a space to help you revitalize your inner sparkle. Our motto: Be Posh, Love Glam, & Live Pristine is a reminder to always stay classy no matter what may come your way, be a connoisseur of glam girly things, and above all else life a life that is pure. 

I don't know about you but one of my favorite things about stepping into the new year is the opportunity to pick out a new calendar. In honor of our blog launch here's a free download of our PGP Calendar:

2018 Posh Glam Pristine Calendar



Join us on the 1st &3rd Monday of each month for a new blog post about party tips, work-life balance, DIY crafts, trends, fashion, and all things girly that can help you on your journey as you #stayfabulousbelle

Stay Fabulous Belle-