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Belle Tips: FriendsGiving Soiree

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Hey Belle Hey-

I’m not really sure where the idea of Friendsgiving started but it’s one of my favorite concepts….I love a reason to have a little Belle Chat Time with my BFF’s. To help you throw the posh’s friendsgiving keep reading for some of our best Belle Tips!

Belle Tip 1: Gather your Belle BFF’s


Invite your Belle BFF’s to your FriendsGiving Invite using a special invite or an e-vite…don’t forget to include the location and time that your guests should arrive

Belle Tip 2: Provide a Posh Treat

When throwing a FriendsGiving, you have a number of choices about the food…you could mirror a Thanksgiving meal or decide to keep it simple with appetizers or things that you may not always see on your Thanksgiving table.

Belle Tip 3: Have Party Activity


When hosting a soiree, it’s important to have an activity that can connect people together- especially when everyone together may only know the hostess… Try a grown up version of pin the tale on the donkey and have your guests write what they’re grateful for on the wall. You can also use the activity on our previous blog post: the Belle Gratitude Challenge

Belle Tip 4: Have a thank you (DIY Belle Thank You)


The last tip for a Posh FriendsGiving Soiree is to make sure you have a thank you- you can certainly do a traditional Thank You card but to make your event even more engaging consider a DIY succulent bar…guests can make a succulent bowl and plant them in their design…it provides an opportunity to get creative and say thank you to your guests at the same time.


What are your plans for a Posh Friendsgiving Soiree….Comment Below!

Happy FriendsGiving Belles and as always,

Stay Fabulous Belles

True Story: I carry a diaper bag to work

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Hey Belle Hey...

It's Monday and no your eyes are not still in weekend mode..




So when I say Diaper Bag...I don't mean your matchy matchy theme diaper bag (do people still do that??)..I carry the Ju-Ju-Be-Baby Bag 

One of the reasons I carry it is because of it's classic look..


Another reason why I love this bag is because of all the pockets...I can literally store ALL THE THINGS from my laptop to my keys to my umbrella and waterbottle  (which really has pink lemonade)


One thing I am in love with is the company's new weekender bag which recently launched as part of The Ever Collection on June 21st. 

What's your go to work bag..comment below! 

What's your go to work bag..comment below!