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Belle Tips: Tax Organization (It's Tax Day)

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Hey Belle Hey-




Yep…I Said it… I am proud to say that I am ahead of the game and to ensure that I stay ahead I’m giving you a peak at how I organize my tax items through the year. As a business owner, home owner, etc. making sure that you keep everything in one place is essential.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. 3-prong folder (I use this instead of a binder to make storing it in my file cabinet less bulky)

  2. Tabbed Dividers

  3. Pocket Protectors

  4. A Label Maker (I use the Dymo Label Maker)

  5. A Calculator


Each year I label the folder with the tax year and then I label each tab for things I need to keep up with throughout the year.


Inside of the folder I have a section for Business Receipts and my Business Spreadsheet. I have a section for charitable giving and this year I will have a section form moving. In the past I’ve had a section for school expenses….I highly recommend meeting with a tax specialist/accountant to discuss expenses you should track throughout the year if you itemize your taxes.


Once I have my labels made I slip one/two pocket proctors behind each tabbed section to make sure that I have a space to store the necessary documents . Also, having this folder set up early makes sure that you stick to a plan because all you have to do is place the paperwork where it goes.


What are the ways you stay organized for filing taxes throughout the year? Comment Below

As Always,
Stay Fabulous Belle

New Year- Need a Reset Button Already!!

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Hey Belle Hey-

Welcome to 2019! We’re are back but I’ve already decided to hit the reset button but before you judge…read the backstory!


Posh Glam & Pristine begin the year ready to celebrate the fact that we are ONE!!! We have been blogging for one whole year… Our first blog post has lead me to Cali, St. Louis, Miami, & New York all in one year . I even got the opportunity to meet my favorite blogger, the Crafty Fabulous Amber from Damask Love.

Confetti Cake from Damask Love…tons of fun without the calories!

Confetti Cake from Damask Love…tons of fun without the calories!

I spent the end of 2018 wondering of all of the possibilities for 2019 and then on our official PGP birthday (January 2) I walked out to this….


NOPE…Your mind is not playing tricks on you…do not adjust the computer screen…All 4 tires are gone!!

After 3 cups of coffee, a cup of tea, and lots of deep breaths..I was able to keep my inner bad girl (Angelica) away… I was also reminded of the quote in my first blog post and our PGP Mantra:

Be Posh, Love Glam, & Live Pristine

( Always stay classy no matter what may come your way)

And with that I decided 2019 deserved a reset and a freebie just like we began our very first blog:

2019 Year At A Glance Freebie

So maybe your year didn’t start exactly like you planned but you have a choice in deciding what and how you spend your Sparkle Energy…I’m reclaiming my Sparkles and the goal of making 2019 more fabulous than 208….what are you looking forward to adding sparkles on in 2019…Comment Below

And As Always,

Stay Fabulous Belles!

It’s Almost Fall Y’all

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Hey Belle Hey

I don’t know about you but the season change to fall is one thing I really enjoy. I love the color changes of the leaves, a sit on the edge of your seat football game, and of course cider and monogrammed plaid.  


One of the best things about fall is the opportunity to create personalized greeting cards for my family and friends. For this unique DIY you will need:

1. Blank Cards (you can whip some up on the Cricut or if you are in a rush grab a box from your craft store like JoAnn’s kite I did) 

2.Hedi Swapp Minc Foil Machine & Foil (I used the standard gold foil)  

3. A MINC ink toner pen  


While the foil machine is warming up take a moment to write a fall saying on your cards and then trace the quote using the ink toner pen (Tip: If you enjoy the Frixon Erasable Pens avoid this project because the heat makes the ink disappear)



Once you have placed the toner over your fall message cut your foil to cover the project and place both items in the proctector sheet with the shiny side facing up. 

The machine itself will do the rest of the work-simply wait for the project to come out of the machine and open the proctector to reveal your foiled project.  


What message do you plan to foil-comment below  


As Always, 


Belle College Life-DIY Message Board

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Hey Belle Hey- 

My day job for some time has been to serve as an Academic Advisor on a college campus. One of my favorite things about college life is the idea of decorating your residence hall (DORM is a bad word on college campuses...lol). 

One thing that I love to keep my space neat for quick notes is a message board. 


For me there's usually only ONE problem with message boards....THE COLOR

So to fix that follow my simple tips below!

What are you planning to DIY for your College Room-Comment Below! 

True Story: I carry a diaper bag to work

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Hey Belle Hey...

It's Monday and no your eyes are not still in weekend mode..




So when I say Diaper Bag...I don't mean your matchy matchy theme diaper bag (do people still do that??)..I carry the Ju-Ju-Be-Baby Bag 

One of the reasons I carry it is because of it's classic look..


Another reason why I love this bag is because of all the pockets...I can literally store ALL THE THINGS from my laptop to my keys to my umbrella and waterbottle  (which really has pink lemonade)


One thing I am in love with is the company's new weekender bag which recently launched as part of The Ever Collection on June 21st. 

What's your go to work bag..comment below! 

What's your go to work bag..comment below! 

Hey Belle Hey- It's Tax Time

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Hey Belle Hey-

The hardest thing about getting older is adulting and for me one of the least favorite parts of adulting is taxes...Now the organizing geek in me loves keeping records and organizing paperwork but filing taxes is another task...Here are some tips for getting ready to  file your taxes. 



Invest in an expandable file holder (especially if you are a business owner)...You can use it to keep separate compartments for business receipts, charity donations, etc. 



Be Consistent because life gets busy. One of the hardest parts of keeping great records is remaining consistent...now I don't get this right every month but on my calendar I have a standing appointment for making sure I have my tax/receipts organized and calculated...I do this to avoid completing a monumental task in one day which may lead to errors- if you make keeping track of your expenditures part of your routine it helps give you a picture of the money you have coming in and going out


Tip Three

Find a CPA/Accountant/Tax Preparer that you can use each year...this has been a life saver for me as a busy mom/business owner/employee/student because I have been able to build a relationship but more importantly I have come to know what my Accountant needs to be sure I am keeping track of tax deductions and changes that occur each year. 

What are some things you do to get ready for tax time...Comment Below & as Always Stay Fabulous Belle!