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New Year- Need a Reset Button Already!!

Hey Belle Hey-

Welcome to 2019! We’re are back but I’ve already decided to hit the reset button but before you judge…read the backstory!


Posh Glam & Pristine begin the year ready to celebrate the fact that we are ONE!!! We have been blogging for one whole year… Our first blog post has lead me to Cali, St. Louis, Miami, & New York all in one year . I even got the opportunity to meet my favorite blogger, the Crafty Fabulous Amber from Damask Love.

Confetti Cake from Damask Love…tons of fun without the calories!

Confetti Cake from Damask Love…tons of fun without the calories!

I spent the end of 2018 wondering of all of the possibilities for 2019 and then on our official PGP birthday (January 2) I walked out to this….


NOPE…Your mind is not playing tricks on you…do not adjust the computer screen…All 4 tires are gone!!

After 3 cups of coffee, a cup of tea, and lots of deep breaths..I was able to keep my inner bad girl (Angelica) away… I was also reminded of the quote in my first blog post and our PGP Mantra:

Be Posh, Love Glam, & Live Pristine

( Always stay classy no matter what may come your way)

And with that I decided 2019 deserved a reset and a freebie just like we began our very first blog:

2019 Year At A Glance Freebie

So maybe your year didn’t start exactly like you planned but you have a choice in deciding what and how you spend your Sparkle Energy…I’m reclaiming my Sparkles and the goal of making 2019 more fabulous than 208….what are you looking forward to adding sparkles on in 2019…Comment Below

And As Always,

Stay Fabulous Belles!

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