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Belle Tips: Tax Organization (It's Tax Day)

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Hey Belle Hey-




Yep…I Said it… I am proud to say that I am ahead of the game and to ensure that I stay ahead I’m giving you a peak at how I organize my tax items through the year. As a business owner, home owner, etc. making sure that you keep everything in one place is essential.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. 3-prong folder (I use this instead of a binder to make storing it in my file cabinet less bulky)

  2. Tabbed Dividers

  3. Pocket Protectors

  4. A Label Maker (I use the Dymo Label Maker)

  5. A Calculator


Each year I label the folder with the tax year and then I label each tab for things I need to keep up with throughout the year.


Inside of the folder I have a section for Business Receipts and my Business Spreadsheet. I have a section for charitable giving and this year I will have a section form moving. In the past I’ve had a section for school expenses….I highly recommend meeting with a tax specialist/accountant to discuss expenses you should track throughout the year if you itemize your taxes.


Once I have my labels made I slip one/two pocket proctors behind each tabbed section to make sure that I have a space to store the necessary documents . Also, having this folder set up early makes sure that you stick to a plan because all you have to do is place the paperwork where it goes.


What are the ways you stay organized for filing taxes throughout the year? Comment Below

As Always,
Stay Fabulous Belle

Belle Tips: Spring is Springing (Succlent Tips)

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Hey Belle Hey-

Spring is almost here and I don’t know about you but the PGP Squad is so ready for it. One of my favorite things about spring is watching new flowers begin to sprout. In the PGP office we have a new spring plant obsession…SUCCULENTS- keep reading for our tips in caring for such lovely greenery.


Belle Tip 1: Find the right pot- Succulents are such lovely plants and you don’t want the pot to overshadow it’s simple elegance. We have one succulent in a tea cup that we love and used our Cricut to make some pots out of acrylic and E600 glue that you can get at your local craft store.


Belle Tip 2: Don’t forget the rocks- Succulents are such a lovely plant and adding rocks not only keeps them from being over watered but it adds beauty to your pot design.


Belle Tip 3: Be Gentle- I had to learn this the hard way….make sure when you are moving your plants that you are as gentle as can be to preserve the petals.


What’s your favorite spring plant…comment below

As Always,

Stay Fabulous Belle

Belle Tips: Moving Out and Moving In

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Hey Belle Hey-

It’s been a little quiet on the blog but for a good reason…I got a home

I’m so excited to have the opportunity to decorate and humbled and blessed to build a house from the ground up.

Let me tell you…if you have ever moved in your life it is NO JOKE!!! Keep reading for some of the things I did to make sure this move was as fabulous as possible.

  1. LABEL YOUR BOXES- I needed to find a document really quickly that I had packed away and labeling my boxes made it such an ease. I was able to find the item and reseal the box in a timely manner.

  2. MAKE A MOVING FILE FOLDER- What….I am all about organization and making a folder or binder with all of your purchases during the move can help you when you go to file your taxes or need to remember when the moving truck is scheduled to arrive.

  3. TAKE A PAUSE- Moving is not for the faint at heart. Don’t forget to schedule some time for self-care to make sure you are ready for your big move.

  4. PAY ATTENTION TO THE DETAILS- This is very important when purchasing or building a home. You need to read and re-read about warranties, attend inspection meetings, closing meetings, and ask questions…remember different loans require different demands.

No matter if you decide to build or buy remember

to enjoy the process and….

As Always,

Stay Fabulous Belles

Belle Tips: Winter Skincare

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Hey Belle Hey-

We missed the 3rd week in January but we’re back with another Belle Tip Blog Post


Winter time is a time where you have to show your skin some extra sparkles…..keep reading to see some of the items the PGP Squad uses to keep their skin glowing in the winter

The PGP Founder loves using Pore Strips (by Biore) they help remove excess oil and they make your skin feel refreshed.

The PGP Founder loves using Pore Strips (by Biore) they help remove excess oil and they make your skin feel refreshed.

PGP Belle Ashley uses facial masks to make her skin glow during the winter. Not only does a facial mask help with your sparkle it provides some downtime for self-care!

PGP Belle Ashley uses facial masks to make her skin glow during the winter. Not only does a facial mask help with your sparkle it provides some downtime for self-care!

PGP Belle Tiffany loves using make-up wipes….They are gentle on your skin and help to remove left over makeup after a busy Posh day.

PGP Belle Tiffany loves using make-up wipes….They are gentle on your skin and help to remove left over makeup after a busy Posh day.

What’s your favorite skin care routine in the winter….comment below and As Always,

Stay Fabulous Belle

It’s Almost Fall Y’all

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Hey Belle Hey

I don’t know about you but the season change to fall is one thing I really enjoy. I love the color changes of the leaves, a sit on the edge of your seat football game, and of course cider and monogrammed plaid.  


One of the best things about fall is the opportunity to create personalized greeting cards for my family and friends. For this unique DIY you will need:

1. Blank Cards (you can whip some up on the Cricut or if you are in a rush grab a box from your craft store like JoAnn’s kite I did) 

2.Hedi Swapp Minc Foil Machine & Foil (I used the standard gold foil)  

3. A MINC ink toner pen  


While the foil machine is warming up take a moment to write a fall saying on your cards and then trace the quote using the ink toner pen (Tip: If you enjoy the Frixon Erasable Pens avoid this project because the heat makes the ink disappear)



Once you have placed the toner over your fall message cut your foil to cover the project and place both items in the proctector sheet with the shiny side facing up. 

The machine itself will do the rest of the work-simply wait for the project to come out of the machine and open the proctector to reveal your foiled project.  


What message do you plan to foil-comment below  


As Always, 


Hey Belle Hey- It's Almost Vacay Time

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What They Don't Tell You About Cruising....


Yep That's The Title...

So I have this bucket list that isn't written down but when I do something I say- Finally off the list...one of my biggest regrets in college was not studying abroad..I had never been on a cruise/outside of the US so I figured a cruise was a perfect 1st....before you continue reading know this: 

1. This is not a sponsered post

2. Umm...I'm Over It

3. Rock the boat..Rock the boat (Literally)


Before venturing out I created a Pin Board, Read other Blogs.talked to other people but what i learned is that there's a lot of 'ish' that no one really says...I would encourage everyone to try this once and my experience may not be your experience

1. Before going on the trip you have the chance with Carnival Cruise Line to purchase the Bubbly Program for sodas ( I highly recommend you do it) because for me the free tea/lemonade did nothing 

2. If you're going to have a stop in Freeport you should defiantly purchase an excursion...there is no beach- the local excursions have some questionable guides- don't be cheap- purchase through your cruise line 

3. I'm over it- if I had to do this again I would not purchase a 7 day cruise for my first time...after being sold on activities from the daily agenda I was annoyed when I arrived and was being upsold on what the activity really was...if I don't see another pay to play bingo table or enter this raffle activity for the rest of my life...I'm soooo good

4. Unlimited-Limited Food: I did not enjoy the food...I figured out a little to late that in the formal dining area there is a secret menu of french fries...prior to going on my cruise everyone said you can eat as much as you like and the food is wonderful...ummm...not so much..You should definitely spend some time getting to know what is available and when because everything is not 24 hours

5. Rock the Boat...During the trip I never got sick but after landing back home I discovered that you can get Vertigo...I didn't win a single prize on the ship but that stayed with me for a month...lol

I know this sounds like a gripe session but it's really not supposed to be that way...I would highly suggest you try at least one cruise...for my return I know that I will do the following:

1. Probably go Disney 2. Purchase the drink program 3. Go for 3-5 days max

While I am a long way from planning my next cruise I do have some weekend vacay plans coming soon...One thing I really appreciated was luggage tags that were easy to locate..so here's a Posh Belle Luggage Tag to make your luggage unique from the rest..Download the luggage tag below, place in a self-sealing luggage tag (I'm using the one made by Scotch), if required laminate, attach the luggage tag hook and place it on your luggage..

Luggage Tag

Au Revoir & As Always,


Mother's Day Tea

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When I was growing up I lived for tea parties and in fact I love them so much I created a whole company about them, Posh Party Palace 

As Mother's Day nears, I can't help but think about the memories and experiences that make this time of year special....the flowers are blooming,  the sun is out and the days start to get longer so it's the perfect time to make fun memories. 

When my Darling Princess P came along I could think of nothing more fun than a tea party trip to American Girl


Yes I know...pink shoes.. I can't say anything (it's my favorite color) but most importantly you pick your battles with little people :) 

Yes I know...pink shoes.. I can't say anything (it's my favorite color) but most importantly you pick your battles with little people :) 

While at the store we had the opportunity to play, dance and enjoy tea time...PopPop even surprised her with her first American Girl Doll 


To celebrate Mother's Day with your Mini Belle and a Tea Party Here Are Some of Our Favorite Tips:

1. Get a small table with flowers in the middle

2. Place our 'I Got It From My Mama' Photo in a frame on the table

3. Grab some lemon, honey, sugar, and your favorite tea & Enjoy! 

How are you celebrating Mother's Day...comment Below and post your tea party pictures on Facebook and Instagram with: #stayfabulousbelle 




Hey Belle Hey- It's Tax Time

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Hey Belle Hey-

The hardest thing about getting older is adulting and for me one of the least favorite parts of adulting is taxes...Now the organizing geek in me loves keeping records and organizing paperwork but filing taxes is another task...Here are some tips for getting ready to  file your taxes. 



Invest in an expandable file holder (especially if you are a business owner)...You can use it to keep separate compartments for business receipts, charity donations, etc. 



Be Consistent because life gets busy. One of the hardest parts of keeping great records is remaining consistent...now I don't get this right every month but on my calendar I have a standing appointment for making sure I have my tax/receipts organized and calculated...I do this to avoid completing a monumental task in one day which may lead to errors- if you make keeping track of your expenditures part of your routine it helps give you a picture of the money you have coming in and going out


Tip Three

Find a CPA/Accountant/Tax Preparer that you can use each year...this has been a life saver for me as a busy mom/business owner/employee/student because I have been able to build a relationship but more importantly I have come to know what my Accountant needs to be sure I am keeping track of tax deductions and changes that occur each year. 

What are some things you do to get ready for tax time...Comment Below & as Always Stay Fabulous Belle!

Spring Cleaning: Bathroom Refresh

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Hey Belle Hey-

I don't know about you but this year I feel like Old Man Winter refuses to allow spring to blossom... One of my favorite things about a new season is that the change gets you in the mood to change out the scenery in your rooms...

I have been wanting to refresh my bathroom so I decided to whip out my Cricut & iPad to shift my Master Bathroom into a His & Hers Update...

  • My Items: 
  • Wooden Toothbrush Holders, Tray, Soap Dispenser- Click Here to Grab Yours
  • Cricut & Cricut Design Space


Step 1: Find or write out the words (Soap, His, and Hers)- I pay for the monthly subscription for Cricut's Design Space and I was able to find the words without having to do a ton of design work.  

Step 2: Once you have your design ready to go- Cut the design out on Vinyl (Tip: since it's not iron on you don't have to remember to mirror the image)


Step 3: Once you have your images placed on your wood items take a moment to seal them with a water resistant sealant. This is important especially in places like the bathroom where water can get easily hit your projects. 


What Room Are You Looking Forward To Updating-Comment Below or on instagram and tag #howholly #stayfabulousbelle

#howholly We R Memory Keepers Memory Punch Board

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Hey Belle Hey-

Happy March! I don't know about you but for me March is a great lead in to Spring & Summer Parties..


Our favorite Shamrock Punch Mix Requires: 1 bottle of Ginger Ale, 1 can of pineapple juice, 1 lime green flavored Hawaiian Punch....Mix together & enjoy







Today's #howholly feature is the We R Memory Keepers Party Punch Board....This DIY Tool allows you to customize your party with party hats, coffee sleeves, and more! 

Tools Needed for this project: (Click each link to purchase)

Your favorite paper

Elmer's Craft Bond Tape Runner

We R Memory Keepers Party Punch Board



Weekend Vacay Atlanta Aquarium

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Atlanta Aquarium Weekend Vacay 

Hey Belle Hey-

Over the Winter Break our family got the opportunity to visit the Georgia Aquarium...cue cuteness below: 


On our way to Atlanta we stopped by one of our favorite South Carolina Restaurants: The Beacon Drive-In

Family Favorite: Mac & Cheese and ice cream of course

Family Favorite: Mac & Cheese and ice cream of course

We purchased an  Omni Hotel Aquarium Package which included entry and backstage tickets to the Aquarium. The hotel has a spa, views of the Ferris Wheel, a food court and tours of CNN studios.  Another fabulous aspect of Omni hotel's location is that it gives you an opportunity to enjoy Centennial Park and the Ferris Wheel. 

Hey Belles-where are you going for a mini-vacy?      (leave a note in the comment section below)

Winter Sips with Ember

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Hey Belle Hey-

A few weeks ago during the Black Friday sale, I stumbled upon the Ember mug.Hint..Hint...This is not a sponsored post-my opinions are my own....So what exactly is an Ember mug...let's chat Belle-



The Ember mug is designed to keep your drink at your desired temperature through an app on your mobile device. I know what you're thinking...why would you ever want/need to buy this mug...well check the video below.


Ember Mug Video Review


Want to purchase your very own Ember Mug visit our link here: Ember Mug

As Always,