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Belle Tips: Tax Organization (It's Tax Day)

Hey Belle Hey-




Yep…I Said it… I am proud to say that I am ahead of the game and to ensure that I stay ahead I’m giving you a peak at how I organize my tax items through the year. As a business owner, home owner, etc. making sure that you keep everything in one place is essential.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. 3-prong folder (I use this instead of a binder to make storing it in my file cabinet less bulky)

  2. Tabbed Dividers

  3. Pocket Protectors

  4. A Label Maker (I use the Dymo Label Maker)

  5. A Calculator


Each year I label the folder with the tax year and then I label each tab for things I need to keep up with throughout the year.


Inside of the folder I have a section for Business Receipts and my Business Spreadsheet. I have a section for charitable giving and this year I will have a section form moving. In the past I’ve had a section for school expenses….I highly recommend meeting with a tax specialist/accountant to discuss expenses you should track throughout the year if you itemize your taxes.


Once I have my labels made I slip one/two pocket proctors behind each tabbed section to make sure that I have a space to store the necessary documents . Also, having this folder set up early makes sure that you stick to a plan because all you have to do is place the paperwork where it goes.


What are the ways you stay organized for filing taxes throughout the year? Comment Below

As Always,
Stay Fabulous Belle

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