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DIY Mother's Day With Memobird

Hey Belle Hey-

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and with the help of Memobird the PGP Squad has the perfect sponsored DIY project for your mom.

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So what exactly is a Memobird?

Think of it as your own personal messenger. You can create reminders for yourself and send messages to your family and friends that have a Memobird.

To get started with our DIY Project visit the Memobird Store and select your favorite color (of course we went with pink).


Once you have your Memobird set up (Membird Unboxing) visit their app for easy templates….

We selected the Love List Template to create a list of chores to do for Mom throughout the year because….Mom’s Rock and deserve a helping hand!

How would you use your Memobird-Comment below and head to our Instagram page for a chance to earn 15% off your Memobird purchase.

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