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Belle Tips: Spring is Springing (Succlent Tips)

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Hey Belle Hey-

Spring is almost here and I don’t know about you but the PGP Squad is so ready for it. One of my favorite things about spring is watching new flowers begin to sprout. In the PGP office we have a new spring plant obsession…SUCCULENTS- keep reading for our tips in caring for such lovely greenery.


Belle Tip 1: Find the right pot- Succulents are such lovely plants and you don’t want the pot to overshadow it’s simple elegance. We have one succulent in a tea cup that we love and used our Cricut to make some pots out of acrylic and E600 glue that you can get at your local craft store.


Belle Tip 2: Don’t forget the rocks- Succulents are such a lovely plant and adding rocks not only keeps them from being over watered but it adds beauty to your pot design.


Belle Tip 3: Be Gentle- I had to learn this the hard way….make sure when you are moving your plants that you are as gentle as can be to preserve the petals.


What’s your favorite spring plant…comment below

As Always,

Stay Fabulous Belle