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Belle in the City: NY for a Weekend

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Hey Belle Hey-

I can’t believe we have reached our last month in the year of 2018…DECEMBER..this post is little late but the video below explains why….

New York in during Christmas is a very special time of the year. On this trip I did a few new things: stayed in the Flower District, visited Mood Fabric Store, attended the Lion King on Broadway and visited the Holiday shops at Bryant Park

Our December has been fabulous….What are you looking forward to in 2019…Comment Below & As Always,

Stay Fabulous Belle

Seafood Belle?

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I don't know about you but there's something about summer and seafood that just makes me happy! 

If you follow me on insta then one thing you've learned is I'm bi-state...ALWAYS NC but occasionally in MD (aka...the DMV area)

This blog post is a perfect combination of my two seafood visits at the NC Seafood Restaurant at the Farmer's Market in Raleigh, NC &  the Annapolis Seafood Market in Annapolis, MD

Let's start with the home state...


If you ever have the travel to NC I highly suggest you do so but stop in each region of our state because just like the people our food is very unique...I mean seriously outside of football the BBQ debate (East vs. West can lead you to an all out food fight...lol) 

The NC Seafood at the Farmer's Market provides visitors the opportunity to enjoy Calabash Style Seafood. The lines can be long but they move very quickly but just be prepared to leave the restaurant full and with the scent of seafood. 

While I enjoyed my food there if you are someone who likes well done food make sure you ask them to fry your food a little longer! 




I'm pretty sure unless you're from MD this is one of MD's hidden gems..(I've been here for 4 years and just found this place)

While it's not quite at the Farmer's Market, walking into this location gives you the mini feeling of being at a market


When you visit you have the option to purchase fresh seafood and take it home to cook or they'll even cook your food on the spot!


Another favorite was the free Lemon with your order! 

Another favorite was the free Lemon with your order! 

I highly reccommend you use a nice summer day for a trip to one of these Seafood Locations....What's your favorite Summer Resturant Spot..Comment Below!


As Always,