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Belle Tips: Planner Lifestyle Hacks

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Hey Belle Hey-

Can you believe it’s October..OMG where is the time going…the days are shorter and pretty soon we will gain a whole hour (more sleep please)


During the month of October I really try to maximize my time and it doesn’t hurt that I believe in being a planner of all the things!! Watch the video below for some tips to get started in the planning world- KEEP READING FOR OUR PLANNER GIVEAWAY BELOW!!

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It’s Almost Fall Y’all

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Hey Belle Hey

I don’t know about you but the season change to fall is one thing I really enjoy. I love the color changes of the leaves, a sit on the edge of your seat football game, and of course cider and monogrammed plaid.  


One of the best things about fall is the opportunity to create personalized greeting cards for my family and friends. For this unique DIY you will need:

1. Blank Cards (you can whip some up on the Cricut or if you are in a rush grab a box from your craft store like JoAnn’s kite I did) 

2.Hedi Swapp Minc Foil Machine & Foil (I used the standard gold foil)  

3. A MINC ink toner pen  


While the foil machine is warming up take a moment to write a fall saying on your cards and then trace the quote using the ink toner pen (Tip: If you enjoy the Frixon Erasable Pens avoid this project because the heat makes the ink disappear)



Once you have placed the toner over your fall message cut your foil to cover the project and place both items in the proctector sheet with the shiny side facing up. 

The machine itself will do the rest of the work-simply wait for the project to come out of the machine and open the proctector to reveal your foiled project.  


What message do you plan to foil-comment below  


As Always, 


Belle College Life-DIY Message Board

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Hey Belle Hey- 

My day job for some time has been to serve as an Academic Advisor on a college campus. One of my favorite things about college life is the idea of decorating your residence hall (DORM is a bad word on college campuses...lol). 

One thing that I love to keep my space neat for quick notes is a message board. 


For me there's usually only ONE problem with message boards....THE COLOR

So to fix that follow my simple tips below!

What are you planning to DIY for your College Room-Comment Below! 

Hey Belle Hey- It's Almost Vacay Time

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What They Don't Tell You About Cruising....


Yep That's The Title...

So I have this bucket list that isn't written down but when I do something I say- Finally off the list...one of my biggest regrets in college was not studying abroad..I had never been on a cruise/outside of the US so I figured a cruise was a perfect 1st....before you continue reading know this: 

1. This is not a sponsered post

2. Umm...I'm Over It

3. Rock the boat..Rock the boat (Literally)


Before venturing out I created a Pin Board, Read other Blogs.talked to other people but what i learned is that there's a lot of 'ish' that no one really says...I would encourage everyone to try this once and my experience may not be your experience

1. Before going on the trip you have the chance with Carnival Cruise Line to purchase the Bubbly Program for sodas ( I highly recommend you do it) because for me the free tea/lemonade did nothing 

2. If you're going to have a stop in Freeport you should defiantly purchase an excursion...there is no beach- the local excursions have some questionable guides- don't be cheap- purchase through your cruise line 

3. I'm over it- if I had to do this again I would not purchase a 7 day cruise for my first time...after being sold on activities from the daily agenda I was annoyed when I arrived and was being upsold on what the activity really was...if I don't see another pay to play bingo table or enter this raffle activity for the rest of my life...I'm soooo good

4. Unlimited-Limited Food: I did not enjoy the food...I figured out a little to late that in the formal dining area there is a secret menu of french fries...prior to going on my cruise everyone said you can eat as much as you like and the food is wonderful...ummm...not so much..You should definitely spend some time getting to know what is available and when because everything is not 24 hours

5. Rock the Boat...During the trip I never got sick but after landing back home I discovered that you can get Vertigo...I didn't win a single prize on the ship but that stayed with me for a month...lol

I know this sounds like a gripe session but it's really not supposed to be that way...I would highly suggest you try at least one cruise...for my return I know that I will do the following:

1. Probably go Disney 2. Purchase the drink program 3. Go for 3-5 days max

While I am a long way from planning my next cruise I do have some weekend vacay plans coming soon...One thing I really appreciated was luggage tags that were easy to locate..so here's a Posh Belle Luggage Tag to make your luggage unique from the rest..Download the luggage tag below, place in a self-sealing luggage tag (I'm using the one made by Scotch), if required laminate, attach the luggage tag hook and place it on your luggage..

Luggage Tag

Au Revoir & As Always,


Mother's Day Tea

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When I was growing up I lived for tea parties and in fact I love them so much I created a whole company about them, Posh Party Palace 

As Mother's Day nears, I can't help but think about the memories and experiences that make this time of year special....the flowers are blooming,  the sun is out and the days start to get longer so it's the perfect time to make fun memories. 

When my Darling Princess P came along I could think of nothing more fun than a tea party trip to American Girl


Yes I know...pink shoes.. I can't say anything (it's my favorite color) but most importantly you pick your battles with little people :) 

Yes I know...pink shoes.. I can't say anything (it's my favorite color) but most importantly you pick your battles with little people :) 

While at the store we had the opportunity to play, dance and enjoy tea time...PopPop even surprised her with her first American Girl Doll 


To celebrate Mother's Day with your Mini Belle and a Tea Party Here Are Some of Our Favorite Tips:

1. Get a small table with flowers in the middle

2. Place our 'I Got It From My Mama' Photo in a frame on the table

3. Grab some lemon, honey, sugar, and your favorite tea & Enjoy! 

How are you celebrating Mother's Day...comment Below and post your tea party pictures on Facebook and Instagram with: #stayfabulousbelle 




#howholly We R Memory Keepers Memory Punch Board

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Hey Belle Hey-

Happy March! I don't know about you but for me March is a great lead in to Spring & Summer Parties..


Our favorite Shamrock Punch Mix Requires: 1 bottle of Ginger Ale, 1 can of pineapple juice, 1 lime green flavored Hawaiian Punch....Mix together & enjoy







Today's #howholly feature is the We R Memory Keepers Party Punch Board....This DIY Tool allows you to customize your party with party hats, coffee sleeves, and more! 

Tools Needed for this project: (Click each link to purchase)

Your favorite paper

Elmer's Craft Bond Tape Runner

We R Memory Keepers Party Punch Board